Surprise-Out Of The Oven!

What? Not what you were expecting? A Girl Scout Surprise rarely is...

This is what happens when you mix paper, punches, inks, paints, beads, and resin! The possibilities are endless really, but currently I have an obsession with paper and a large set of patterned hole punches to play with. The petals are made of various forms-circles, stars, hearts and even butterflies. 

I layer them over precut floral embellishments and then trim the edges so that you can once again see the petal shape. Then I ink the edges, add a dash of paint and coat them in ice resin so that they are durable enough to wear as jewelry. Finally, I layer them together and add beads to make the pistil. Not a bad surprise, huh? They aren't hard to make, they just take some time. I encourage you to grab your supplies and start mixing. Create your own surprise! 

So until next time....Get Cookin'!

Frederick, MD, USA

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